New edition of The PhiLanthropic Year – Volume 3

01 December 2021

The PhiLanthropic Year is a journal that specializes in the transmission of scientific and professional knowledge within the philanthropic sector, and more specifically, grantmaking philanthropy. The journal meets the need of rendering available, in French and English, knowledge mainly produced by or highlighted by the scientific activities that take place within the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network (PhiLab).

Published annually, each issue is taken in charge by a different editorial team that is connected to PhiLab. The team, from a management point of view, is responsible for the design as well as the creation and management of a call for contributions.

Rather than simply reiterate the usual (but important) critiques of the settler philanthropic sector, the articles present viable and lived alternatives. These practices and processes are becoming part of an emerging, yet fundamental, shift in how philanthropy is done. Ultimately, we hope that by sharing these productive ideas and examples, the practices will spread and influence new philanthropic organizing as well as transformations within existing philanthropic institutions.

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Below is the list of individual articles found in the journal:

Main artist of the edition: Kai Yun Ching Find more of their work here