November 26 2020

2nd Study Day by PhiLab’s Quebec Hub

Every year, PhiLab Québec organizes a “journée d’étude” which gives PhiLab students the chance to present their research-in-progress (i.e., part of their thesis or dissertation). In addition to being an occasion to practice presenting your work, the “journée d’étude” is an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from other PhiLab students and professors on a range of topics including—but not limited to—methodology, data collection, writing, and sampling.
If you are involved with any PhiLab research projects, we highly recommend that you attend the “journée d’étude.”
The “journée d’étude” will take place online on November 26th from 10 am to 3 pm with a lunch break in the middle.
Please respond to the doodle survey by October 30, 2020 indicating whether or not you will be attending the event.



Presentations from PhiLab’s 2nd Study Day