The PhiLanthropic Year – COVID-19 Special Edition

    The PhiLanthropic Year COVID-19 Special Edition The PhiLanthropic Year is a journal that specializes in the transmission of scientific and professional knowledge within the philanthropic sector, and more specifically, grantmaking philanthropy. The journal meets the need of rendering available, in French and English, knowledge mainly produced by or highlighted by the scientific activities […]

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Philanthropy and COVID-19

With COVID-19, there’s a before and after Who hasn’t thrown stones into a stream to see the waves it causes and their intertwingling? The COVID-19 global pandemic is a huge rock that creates a multitude of intertwined waves.  Few events have the power to generate an impact of this magnitude. It affects everyone, all organizations […]

Evaluating Philanthropy

Evaluating Philanthropy

“I want to make a difference”. This simple statement can easily sum up the motivation of both philanthropic professionals and donors. However, concretely, what does this mean? How can we know if being involved really changes things? When we take a closer look at philanthropic actions, we quickly realize the complexity in measuring its impact. […]

Philanthropy and Sense of Place

Philanthropy and Sense of Place

Conceptual theorizing about place as more than a geo-spatial reality permeates through disciplines such as geography, psychology and anthropology, among others, and has been discussed in the literature for decades. With policymakers shifting toward research-based decision-making, it is relevant to consider a sense of place as a tangible tool that can facilitate greater engagement within […]

Feminist Philanthropy

Special Edition: Feminist Philanthropy

Traditionally, charity has allowed women to carve a place for themselves in the public sphere and to gain a growing influence in certain areas whereas the government’s doors were closed off to them. Nowadays, their participation in philanthropy has become more than a vector for social and political recognition, it is a way to accelerate […]

Rural Philanthropy

Special Edition: Rural Philanthropy

There is a significant disparity that exists regarding the distribution of donations made by foundations between rural and urban areas, with the latter receiving the larger piece of the pie. A study published in 2008 by the Canada Revenue Agency (view here) stated that only 22% of charities were rural organizations (with over one out […]

Philanthropy's new financial vehicles

Special Edition: The new financial vehicles of Philanthropy

Fundamentally, philanthropy is an activity consisting of transferring financial resources, usually from private sources, towards social causes, of supposed general interest. While the notion of philanthropy can be traced back to Antiquity, modern philanthropy is distinguished by its profoundly utilitarian spirit, which causes it to seek maximum societal impact. In this search for impact, foundations […]

Special Edition: Philanthropy and Universities

Of all the institutions, Universities are without a doubt those that maintain the most privileged relationship with the philanthropic sector. Historically, the creation of many Canadian and American universities stem from acts of charity. Close to home, we have McGill University that was founded thanks to a legacy gift by James McGill. However, philanthropy can […]