May 2021 – Spotlight on PhiLab researchers

To call the past year tumultuous would be a severe understatement. Despite the many changes that were required to adapt to the new COVID-19 reality, PhiLab’s researchers and students continued to develop and produce research reports, blog articles, interviews and other publications on the general theme of grantmaking philanthropy. While many organizations struggled to continue […]

Philanthropy and Food Security

March 2021 – Philanthropy & Food Security

In this special monthly edition, led by PhiLab’s Atlantic Hub, we explore the intersection of food security and philanthropy through innovative case studies and stories of resilient communities responding to the global health crisis.

The Second Edition of The PhiLanthropic Year now available!

We are happy to share the second edition of our annual, bilingual journal on philanthropy, The PhiLanthropic Year, with you. A big thank you to Shereen Munshi from The Circle for her continuous support, as well as all the authors for their contributions. We invite you all to share the publication within your networks! The PhiLanthropic Year is a […]

COVID-19 Social Inequalities

February 2021 – COVID-19: Revealing Social Inequalities

Pre-Covid, never in the history of humanity have profits and the concentration of wealth been so high. According to Forbes, the number of millionaires has boomed globally. With such accumulation of wealth came a golden age of philanthropy. This trend was accompanied by a widening gap between the rich and the poor, as well as a failure to eliminate inequalities. Then, COVID happened. It comes as no surprise that social issues of the past remain a challenge. The current crisis has accentuated the failures of our […]

The Quebec Hub Coordinator Role is Shifting Hands

As of March 1st, 2021, PhiLab Quebec’s coordinator role will be passing from Diane Alalouf-Hall to David Grant-Poitras David Grant-Poitras has been with PhiLab since 2017. He started off as the Student Representative, mobilizing PhiLab’s students to participate in the Network’s many activities. He was also responsible for curating the content for our PhiLibrary, a monthly […]

Philanthropy and Charitable Tax Law

Special Edition: Philanthropy and Charitable Tax Law

PhiLab Quebec’s Special Issue on “Philanthropy and Charitable Tax Law,” aims to stimulate discussion around the role of charitable tax in the philanthropic sector’s future, as well as broader questions of adaptation to a post-COVID-19 world.

Joyeuses Fêtes et bonne année!

After a very busy year 2020, it is good to take a well-deserved break to virtually meet up with our loved ones and family. We are almost halfway through this great partnership adventure and already the impact of our collective work is being felt. Certainly, the pandemic has consumed our energies, but it has also […]

Philanthropy Climate Change

Philanthropy, Climate Change and the Environment

Philanthropic behavior is far reaching and exists on many levels to help others, from a small community coming together and raising money for a sick neighbor to a multinational corporation donating millions of dollars to a charity that aligns with their values. The question often remains: What motivates these individuals or entities to participate in […]

Causes Invisibles Philanthropie

The Invisible Causes of Philanthropy

This special edition, led by PhiLab’s Quebec Hub, looks into some of these ‘invisible causes’. We hope to start a discussion on how philanthropy can shed light onto those causes kept in the shadows.