The Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network allows for the publication of texts from our students, partners and researchers on PhiLab’s blog. In these documents, either in French or in English, they analyze news items, present an ongoing research project, present the state of a question or discipline in Canada or abroad in connection to the broad theme of philanthropy. This content is made to be available to a broad audience, for free.

Each text is subject to a thorough reading by PhiLab’s supervisors, who reserve the right to publish it. It is possible that author’s be asked to provide complements, to reformulate or to specify certain passages.

Do Not Underestimate The Social Capital of Montréal-Nord

Par Diane Alalouf-Hall , PhD student
Par Jean-Marc Fontan , Professor
11 June 2020

The Philanthropist: Book Review – L’émancipation des femmes à l’épreuve de la philanthropie

Par Julie Raby , Étudiante du PhiLab
10 June 2020

Philanthropic Foundations in Canada: What Are We Learning?

05 June 2020

Philanthropy and COVID-19

04 June 2020

The PhiLanthropic Year – COVID-19 Special Edition

27 May 2020

COVID-19 & Philanthropy in Western Canada

20 May 2020

Veiller à l’inclusion sociale en temps de crise. Comment Parole d’excluEs adapte ses pratiques sous la COVID-19 ?

14 May 2020

Interview with Diane Roussin, Indigenous UWinnipeg

13 May 2020

La pandémie va-t-elle ( vraiment ) changer nos habitudes ?

11 May 2020

Philanthropie de proximité : le bénévolat en période de Covid-19

08 May 2020