Education programs


Program directed by Caroline Bergeron (member of PhiLab)

This multidisciplinary certificate allows for students to acquire knowledge and to develop the skills necessary to exercise a role as an administrator or professional within philanthropic or community organizations. It is destined for people who work in the philanthropic domain or who wish to make it their career.

Strengths of the program

  1. First and only philanthropic management program in a francophone university in Quebec.
  2. Certificate elaborated in collaboration with the experts of the philanthropic sector, of whom a few are lecturers in the program.


“Producing leaders for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.”

Program directed by Suzanne Philipps (member of PhiLab).

The Masters prepares graduates to be innovative and leaders in non-profit organizations, social businesses, philanthropic foundations, development offices, as well as in governments, financial instittions and companies who interact with them. It is designed for experienced professionals who are studying part-time or full-time and who aspire to become actors of change in this sector

The program, offered by the School of public policy and administration, can be taken in a flexible format implying intensive summer SEMESTERS at Carleton and online interactive teaching.

College certificate (6 classes) part-time, online

This college-level certificate gives students the practical skills necessary to improve their hireability in order to pursue a carreer in fundraising in the non-profit sector.


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