Ontario Hub

The Regional Center is supervised by Manuel Litalien and François Brouard and the coordinator is Andrea Kosovac Sykes.

The Hub is located in North Bay in the offices of Nipissing University.

Laboratory – Research Projects

Group #1: Impact of operational funding

Project Supervisor: Susan Phillips

Group #2: Phase 2: Philanthropic support for Canadian journalism: A road map

Project Supervisor: April Lindgren

Project description: 

Phase 1: Philanthropy and the media in Ontario


The Observatory manages databases and short-term research projects. It distributes and disseminates knowledge on the Canadian philanthropic sector as well as acts as a relay for research stemming from the associated international research units.

Below you will find the Ontario Hub’s most recent blog posts.

Feminist Philanthropy

Part 2: A Reflection on Feminist Philanthropy

The second portion of this editorial is an effort to further understand what constitutes feminist philanthropy (FP). One of my observations is that the historical roots of feminist philanthropy are ...
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Gender-Lens Philanthropy

Interview with Juniper Glass – Gender-Lens Philanthropy: A practical guide for Canadian foundations

With equality between genders being more relevant today than ever before, Canadian foundations are beginning to take notice, making it more important to acknowledge the implementation of a gender-lens to ...
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Feminist Philanthropy

A Reflection on Feminist Philanthropy

In March 2018, the New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF)[1] announced that its partnership with the Women’s Funding Network (an international network of more than 100 women’s funds and foundations)[2] successfully ...
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No, Canada’s Environmental Movement is Not Foreign-Funded

This post was written in reaction to an article recently published in Canada's National Observer: Bomb threat called into Tides Canada an extension of political theatre by Joanna Kerr, CEO ...
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Smoke and Mirrors: Examining the Evidence on Foreign Funding of Environmental Nonprofits

In July 2019, Alberta’s newly elected United Conservative Party government launched a public inquiry into “the foreign sources of funds behind the anti-Alberta energy campaign” (Government of Alberta 2019). The ...
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Rural Routes – Philanthropy

"This week on Rural Routes you can hear a conversation with Dr. Ryan Gibson, a geographer from St. Mary’s University in Halifax. One of the questions Ryan is interested in ...
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