Philanthropy's new financial vehicles

Special Edition: The new financial vehicles of Philanthropy

Fundamentally, philanthropy is an activity consisting of transferring financial resources, usually from private sources, towards social causes, of supposed general interest. While the notion of philanthropy can be traced back to Antiquity, modern philanthropy is distinguished by its profoundly utilitarian spirit, which causes it to seek maximum societal impact. In this search for impact, foundations […]

Special Edition: Philanthropy and Universities

Of all the institutions, Universities are without a doubt those that maintain the most privileged relationship with the philanthropic sector. Historically, the creation of many Canadian and American universities stem from acts of charity. Close to home, we have McGill University that was founded thanks to a legacy gift by James McGill. However, philanthropy can […]

PhiLanthropic Year

First Edition of the PhiLanthropic Year journal

The editorial committee is happy to announce the launch of the first edition of the annual journal “The PhiLanthropic Year” The PhiLanthropic Year is a publication specialized in the distribution of scientific and professional knowledge in philanthropy and more specifically, grantmaking philanthropy. The journal was created in response to the need to make available, in […]

Special Edition: Philanthropy and the Press

The expression “nothing ever changes other than the fact that everything changes” seems to be made to describethe reality of the media ecosystem. In fact, the history of the media illustrates a sector that is continuously forced to adapt itself, innovate and redefine its image in the face of social, political and economic pressures. This […]

Special Edition: Philanthropy and Taxation

To avoid beating around the bush, the taxation framework of private generosity is an issue of public interest. In addition to representing a financial cost for the public Treasury, the fiscal incentives given to charity explicitly encourage foundations to intervene on issues that concern society as a whole (education, health, the environment, etc.). Further still, […]

Special edition: Politics and Charity

The charitable sector and the State both influence and transform each other. On the one hand, the Canadian State shapes registered charities by imposing statuses upon them, framing their activities and establishing the fiscal environment in which they evolve. This set of legal and political mechanisms and regulations shape the Canadian charitable sector. It is […]

Special Edition: Careers in Philanthropy

We generally define philanthropy in universal terms, as an altruistic impulse of wanting the greater good for all of humanity. However, when we take an empirical lens when observing philanthropy in action, we see that, as a practice, it is conditioned by the historical, cultural and economic context within which it finds itself. In a […]

Special edition: Taking action here to take action over there.

Philanthropy is a reflection of the society in which it finds itself. In a context marked by accelerating globalization and intensification of international migrations, an important portion of donations circulates within the sociocultural pathways created by these migratory fluxes. In fact, the power of the social connection which unites migrants to their homeland communities is […]

Happy holidays

Thank you to the ever-increasing number of individuals who follow us and participate in our events. You will find in our annual report a summary of what we accomplished this year.

Special edition: Philanthropy and Caregivers

Caregiving is an essential form of solidarity for the conservation of our social fabric, as well as for the administration of care to those dependent on others for their wellbeing. In Quebec, it is a fourth of the population who declares themselves to be in a caregiving situation. This being said, caregivers are not being […]