The Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network allows for the publication of texts from our students, partners and researchers on PhiLab’s blog. In these documents, either in French or in English, they analyze news items, present an ongoing research project, present the state of a question or discipline in Canada or abroad in connection to the broad theme of philanthropy. This content is made to be available to a broad audience, for free.

Each text is subject to a thorough reading by PhiLab’s supervisors, who reserve the right to publish it. It is possible that author’s be asked to provide complements, to reformulate or to specify certain passages.

PhiLab Interview: Bonnie Shepherd, Chief Development Officer, Equality Fund

Par Bonnie Shepherd , Chief Development Officer, Equality Fund
28 March 2020

Philanthropy and COVID-19

27 March 2020

PhiLab Interview: Cynthia Gélinas of the Youth Travel Foundation

Par David Zaragoza Sanchez , Masters Candidate
25 March 2020

Evaluation IN and OF Philanthropy

Par Louise Giroux , President of Philanthropia
25 March 2020

La philanthropie d’investissement au cœur de la gouvernance du social

Par Maxim Fortin , Ph.D. Candidate
23 March 2020

Important notice: COVID-19

17 March 2020

International seminar of large francophone foundations

Par Jacques Bordeleau , Director General, Fondation Béati
16 March 2020

Eleven trends in philanthropy for 2020: Comparison between Canadian and American practices

Par Jean-Marc Mangin , President of PFC
03 March 2020

Exploring the intersection of sense of place, charitable giving and mobile work in Newfoundland and Labrador

Par Brady Reid , Atlantic Hub Coordinator
Par Kelly Vodden , Researcher
03 March 2020

Philanthropic Nation Branding

Par Adam Saifer , Postdoctoral PhiLab student
26 February 2020