Pullback Podcast: Interview with Steven Ayer – The Fallout from COVID-19

Par Kristen Pue , Post-doctoral student & Pullback Producer
Par Kyla Hewson , Pullback producer
08 mars 2021

Steven AyerThe Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network partnered with Pullback Podcast for this collaborative episode on COVID-19’s impacts and the prospects for a just recovery. Pullback is a podcast about everyday ethics. It is co-hosted by Kristen Pue, PhiLab member and a postdoctoral fellow at Carleton University, and Kyla Hewson, who also produces the podcast. In this episode, Kristen and Kyla talk to Steven Ayer about the Fallout Report. Steve is the President of Common Good Strategies. He is also the lead researcher and author of the Toronto Foundation’s Vital Signs Report and, most recently, the Fallout Report. The Fallout Report explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto. Listen in for a discussion covering topics from health inequality to food insecurity, mental health, economic challenges, housing, and the future of the nonprofit sector.



Steven Ayer


« The Toronto Fallout Report captures seven months in the life of the COVID-19 pandemic in our city. This report applies an equity lens to data, issues and the analysis of the research. It documents the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on marginalized populations and the organizations that serve them. At the same time, it surfaces the knowledge and expertise of community leaders whose lived and professional experiences shed light on the fallout from the pandemic. Their perspectives and leadership will point the way to a more fair and just social and economic recovery in Toronto. »


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This podcast has been added as part of PhiLab’s February Special Edition, COVID-19: Revealing Social Inequalities

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