Our partnership project is called “Evaluation of the role and actions of Canadian grantmaking foundations in response to the social inequalities and environmental challenges”. For the network of grantmaking philanthropy, our partnership project represents an important and uncensored innovation. For the first time, we have brought together key actors of Canadian philanthropy within a research program with a collaborative intention.

PhiLab Network Directors

Jean-Marc Fontan


Telephone: 514-987-3000 #0240

Peter R. ELSON


Telephone: 250-721-8068

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

This committee is the main decision-making entity. It follows-up on the project’s broad orientations, validates plans and work calendars, as well as the operational budget. It also offers support for large events and mobilizes resources to support data collection and the dissemination of results.

  • Diane Alalouf-Hall (PhiLab-UQAM)
  • Caroline Bergeron (PhiLab/UdeM)
  • Jaques Bordeleau (Fondation Béati)
  • Jean-Marc Chouinard (Fondation Chagnon)
  • Pegi Dover (Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network)
  • Peter Elson (University of Victoria)
  • Jean-Marc Fontan (UQAM)
  • Lidia Kemeny ( Vancouver Foundation)
  • Iryna Khovrenkov (Université de Régina)
  • Michelynn Laflèche and Laura Mcdonough (UWGT and York)
  • David Lasby (Imagine Canada)
  • Marcel Lauzière (Lawson Foundation)
  • Sylvain A. Lefèvre (ESG-UQAM)
  • Sara Lyons (CFC)
  • Jean-Marc Mangin (PFC)
  • Lili-Anna Pereša and Mario Régis (Centraide du Grand Montréal)
  • Manuel Litalien (Université Nipissing)
  • Tascha Lackman (Fondation Grand Montréal)
  • Roza Tchoukaleyska (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Kris Archie (The Circle)
Operational Committee

The operational committee‘s mandate is to manage all operational dimensions of the organization: policies, programs and activities, informing the Network of each Regional Center’s progress, follow-up on and evaluate the implementation of the project, report to the partners and SSHRC when needed.

Evaluation Committee

The evaluation committee‘s mandate is to validate the project proposals and send comments on these proposals to the concerned teams and report to PhiLab’s various directors of their progress.

Regional Center Supervisors