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logo ObservatoirePhilab CMYKWelcome to the PhiLab observatory!


PhiLab offers you here a list of monthly bulletin focusing on the sector of grant based philanthropy. The bulletin will present an increasingly rich variety of scientific references. The objective is to compile articles of scientific literature to support this emerging field of research. Our plan is to cover a wide variety of subjects about grant based foundations.

PhiLab needs you !

The success of this project cannot be guaranteed without the mobilization of students and professors from all various scientific disciplines. If you are interested by the progress of knowledge on philanthropy and you are acquainted with the subject in some fashion, PhiLab will be regularly looking for new relevant contributions to sustain their bulletin. Therefore, here is your opportunity to contribute by sharing the scientific contributions that have inspired you. We will be accepting titles of books and articles in French or English from all disciplines (management, economics, sociology, politics, etc.).

To share your references, write us now:

 PhiLab observatory - L'Année PhiLanthropique/ PhiLanthropic year 

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