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Fontan JM

Jean-Marc Fontan

Title or Function: Professor

Institution/Organization: Department of Sociology, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)

Involvement in the Laboratory:

Jean-Marc is jointly responsible, with Peter Elson, for the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant obtained for three years (2014-2017) and for the Laboratory. He is involved in the research of both Clusters 1 and 3 of the SSHRC funded project. In Cluster 3, Jean-Marc leads the case studies on the social impact of collaboration between foundations, and between foundations and other organisations, on projects related to Early Childhood Education and the protection of the environment.  

Outside the Laboratory:

Jean-Marc is the Research Chair for UQAM on Methodology and Epistemology of Joint Research. He coordinates the work of the academic incubator Parole d’excluEs, a support mechanism outside the walls of academia aimed at mobilising various actors involved in fighting against poverty and exclusion taking place in three sectors of Montreal . He is a member of the axis “Transformation of the Territory and Local Government” of the Research Centre for Social Innovation, the most important francophone research centre for social innovation.

Email Address:

Phone: (514) 987.3000 poste 0240


Elson Peter

Peter R. Elson

Title or Function: Senior Research Fellow

Institution/Organization: Institute for Community Prosperity (Formally Institute for Nonprofit Studies), Mount Royal University and cross appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

Involvement in the Laboratory:

Peter is co-lead on the Laboratory with Jean-Marc Fontan and co-lead of research Cluster 2 which is concerned with legal and governance issues, particularly as they relate to reporting, legal constraints and public policy. Together with research assistant Sara Hall, Peter is exploring the engagement of Canadian grantmaking foundations across five streams of public policy engagement, from issue identification and research to policy impact analysis and renewal.

Outside the Laboratory:

Peter is currently engaged in three areas of research: Province-wide social enterprise sector surveys with Peter Hall (Simon Fraser University) and collaborative provincial partners (see; an institutional analysis of nonprofit sector – government relations, also at a provincial level; and this partnership development research program. Peter is also editor of the Canadian Journal for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSERJ), and the editor of a book that will be published in 2015 by the University of Toronto Press entitled: Funding Policies and the Nonprofit Sector in Western Canada: Evolving Relationships in a Changing Environment.

Email Address:

Phone: (403) 462.4384


Lefevre Sylvain


Title or Function: Professor; Scientific Coordinator for LaboMTL

Institution/Organization : Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)

Involvement in the Laboratory: Sylvain is responsible for the PhiLab's guidance and scientific orientation and he participates actively in a variety of projects. He is involved in Cluster I, working on a literature review on foundations in Canada, as well as with cluster 4 with a case study on the collaboration between foundations on the issue of food security. He is also engaged with the organisation of the June 2015 conference.

Outside the Laboratory:Sylvain's work focuses on the field of foundations in Quebec, including their relationship with stakeholders in the community sector. He leads a joint research project with the Beati Foundation as part of the Service to Communities of UQAM ( He also leads a project funded by FQRSC on social change philanthropy. Finally, Sylvain works on food sovereignty issues, with a joint research project on creating an alternative food market in Montreal.

Email Address:


 dianealalouf hall

Diane Alalouf-Hall

Title or Function: PhD Candidate

Institution/Organization : UQAM

Involvement in the Laboratory:

Diane Alalouf-Hall is a research assistant at PhiLab and she coordinates the SSHRC project by providing the strategic and operational direction for the management committe and the working groups. She acts as a liaison dor the research tems, partners, and intermediaries outside the laboratory. Diane also handles online communications, including generating website content, blog articles and managing the Lab's social media profile.

Outside the Laboratory:

Diane is a PhD candidate at UQAM under the supervision of Jean-Marc Fontan. Her research interests include exploring the different philanthropic organizational models, emergency humanitarian aid, social movements and the social and solidarity economy. Her thesis addresses the question of the impact of the philanthropy from France and Quebec in response to natural and environmental emergencies in the Caribbean region, in particular Haiti.

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