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Le choix des donataires. Ethnographie d’un comité de sélection d’une fondation philanthropique atypique Sylvain Lefèvre & Annabelle Berthiaume, PhiLab “The deserving few. Ethnography of a grant selection committee in an atypical philanthropic foundation”. In many ways, the Mauges Foundation corresponds to the ideal type of philanthropy for social change, characterized by a...

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Special edition - philanthropy and ethnocultural diversity

Issues related to the ethnocultural diversity of our societies are not neglected by philanthropic institutions. The social integration of visible minorities, racism, racial inequality and the rights of immigrants are few examples of areas of intervention that challenge them. This special edition discusses the ways in which foundations intervene in pluralism and, conversely, how pluralism...

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Special Edition: sport & philanthropy

In Montreal, charitable sporting events take place throughout the year. Spring seems to be the best period for the holding of sports challenges. PhiLab is presenting an article for the blog and a special bulletin.... L'Année PhiLanthropique - défis sportifs - june 2017 Blog - Bouger, jouer, collecter : pour une problématisation de la philanthropie sportive - Fannie...

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The Philanthropist - new article by Juniper Glass

Book Review: Philanthropy in Democratic Societies: History, Institutions, and Values By Juniper Glass, PhiLab Philanthropy in Democratic Societies: History, Institutions, Values, Edited by Rob Reich, Chiara Cordelli and Lucy Bernholz, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2016, ISBN: 978-0-226-33550-6 Philanthropy is a “hybrid and ever-changing form of public and private power” (p.7). This...

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From Confusion to Co-Creation: Bridging the Community-Academy Divide in International Research Collaboration - Nouvel article dans The Philanthropist

By Nazita Lajevardi, Maria Martinez-Cosio, Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell and James Stauch (PhiLab). Research collaborations are almost always seen as desirable. Studies that compare practices across international boundaries and that engage researchers and practitioners require individuals to relate to one another across a vast array of cultures, languages, professional practices, and research...

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Who are we?

The Montreal Research Laboratory on Canadian Philanthropy (MRLCP) was originally created in 2014 to host a three-year SSHRC Partnership Development project entitled “Social Innovation, Societal Change, and Canadian Grantmaking Foundations”. As we grow, the Laboratory will develop into a hub for research, networking, and knowledge mobilisation on Canadian foundations, where evidence-based research will be translated into practice that can benefit multiple stakeholders, including governments, universities, the philanthropic sector, and affiliated or partner organisations.


« 25 000 tuques » : un maillage symbolique

Par Éliane Brisebois, collaboratrice, PhiLab Blog PhiLab, juillet 2017 Automne 2015. Dans la foulée des vagues migratoires entraînées par la guerre en Syrie,...

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Be Active, Play, Collect: A Study of Sports Philanthropy

By Fannie Valois-Nadeau, PhD in Communications, PhiLab  In Montreal, charitable sporting events take place throughout the year. Spring seems to be...

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Interview with Pierre Lavoie

By David Grant-Poitras, PhiLab If ideas are to take root and spread, they need champions – obsessive people who have the skill, motivation, energy,...

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